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An Amazing New Energy Source

Imagine if… You could take a quarter of a cup of water and create enough energy to heat your house for 100 years. Is this a fantasy? No, it’s sonofusion! Learn more about how we can further the development of this low cost, pollution-free technology for home use or visit Physicist in Hawaii, Roger Stringham, harnessed the power of tiny bubbles to release amazing amounts of energy (or heat) when he pulsed ultrasound (too high for us to hear) waves to shake the specially treated water and cause the bubble to implode (suddenly collapse). Then, using a factor called “resonance” (achieving a synchronized and stable state)” Stringham was able to reduce the experiment to the size of a man’s wristwatch and still get a useable amount of heat. He envisions a large number of these small devices connected to form battery-like devices of varying sizes that will be able to heat large buildings where people shop and work. The book Breakthrough Powersays if Stringham could get funding to hire a team of specialists and buy the materials and equipment needed for further development of the device, progress could be dramatically speeded up. The goal is a very low cost sonofusion heater you can buy and use – with no pollution. What can you do? Read the chapter “The Water Is Hot” in Breakthrough Power. The weblink to the book is Help locate philanthropic or investment funds for such breakthroughs. They could work through, a non-profit society set up to give Inventor Booster Grants.


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