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Words And Feelings Have An Observable Effect On Water Molecules And Other Living Things

Dr. Masuru Emoto has photographed frozen water molecules and has shown that they have a different structure depending on their source and can change their molecular structure depending upon the words being spoken or written in their presence, music being played, prayers intended, etc.! Most of us naturally think of water as an inanimate object—unresponsive to such factors, when in fact it actually responds dramatically both positively and negatively to the energy of our thoughts and intentions.

A water molecule from a polluted water body whose form was weak and unstructured can reorder itself to a crystal “snowflake” type configuration when in the presence of kind words spoken or written on labels on the water receptacle. By the same token a beautiful water crystal collected from a pristine spring will collapse into a “formless blob-like” appearance when subjected to words of hate or negativity.. Imagine our bodies are about 80% water and how all those water molecules may respond in the presence of our own euphoric or stressful thoughts or of those around us.

Dr.Emoto has started a Peace Project for Children where a special book is available to teach them this power of words and how we can change the world and bring about peace. To get free copies of the book all children, please visit Emoto Peace Project Children's Book

Dr, Emoto conducted similar experiments to study the condition of rice in jars, the growth of plant root systems and more in the presence of the influence of the energy of words. Imagine how we could change the conditions of the planet by focusing on our thoughts and feelings towards each other and all of life. For more information see Dr. Emoto’s site or read one of his books such as Messages From Water.Or try your own experiment! The Power of Thoughts and Words


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