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We are all connected

Photo Source: Guardian Liberty Voice, Elijah Stephens, 3-24-14

Science is demonstrating that everything and everyone is connected as part of a continuous energy field. As a result, every thought, feeling and action we have exerts an influence on the whole — the people around us, the circumstances of our lives, the world. Amazing! How can we use this knowledge as a tool to effect positive changes for ourselves and the global community?

Now scientific and other innovative findings are corroborating what many ancient texts, philosophies, and even religions have been stating for thousands of years that there is a measurable yet unseen connection between human beings and all life. How is this possible if we can’t detect it with our five senses? We’d all agree that we can’t see radio and TV waves, yet we hear the sounds or see the images when these signals reach the receiving devices in our homes. Most of us have experienced synchronicity …we think of someone out of the blue, and then voila the phone rings. In that moment, we become the receiver of that “wave” of information. These ideas of us all “being one” and being able to transmit and receive messages or energies from one another can influence situations, relationships, our health, and more.

Science has already measurable results of the power of prayer, meditation, visualization and love .By paying attention to our thoughts and feelings toward one another, we can actually help change the state of the world. Science is showing that this is more than just “positive thinking.”

In fact, there are studies that have come from reputable research, academic and scientific institutions that all seem to be arriving at the fact that all of life is interconnected. Maybe what may have been thought to be symbolism or myth was in fact a universal truth that we are just now resurrecting? Since science is now collaborating that we are connected through a continuous energy field or matrix, let’s consider what we immerse our thoughts in… are we looking at positive images of what we want to create in the world? Are we treating others with love and respect, as we would like for ourselves? How is it possible to fight another and create peace? If what we put our minds on expands into reality… then we must put our attention on what we do want to see in the world vs. more of what we don’t want to see –which is sadly what we are inundated with through what popular media, entertainment, and much of our mainstream news. Let’s use this universal knowledge to co-create peace and harmony and restore the beauty and balance to Mother Earth.… as we are all one.


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