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Our Mission:

“Communicating to and connecting the world with cutting-edge discoveries, transformational knowledge, little known inventions, and other worthy endeavors, to change individual lives and catalyze global changes”


GDNFO, pronounced “Good Info”, is a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating and communicating to the general public, much needed information that is often unavailable through ordinary mainstream communication media, or requires an investment of our already precious and limited time. Using an innovative and widespread communications approach, we will connect the world to positive, valuable, knowledge and “news we can use.”

At the forefront of this educational and public service program is the scientific and other compelling evidence that explains how we are all connected –even through the energies of thoughts and feelings that are demonstrating measurable effect on circumstances and events. . These findings have far reaching implications in achieving balance and peace in the world. . ”


So What Kind Of Information Are We Sharing

  • Evidence of how we are all connected – using examples from science, history, ancient wisdom and YOUR real life experiences.

  • Worthy Causes: Non-profit and other little known philanthropic projects in need of communication of their mission, and necessary resources

  • Inventions and Technologies: Inventors with devices that can bring about global solutions, who are in need of resources to manufacture, market, and bring these solutions to the public.

  • Scientific Discoveries: Unbelievable scientific discoveries that affect even the average person’s day-to-day life.

  • Miracles….

  • Other Positive and Inspiring News Reports


When and where will you find our Good Info Gems

There are times in your day when you actually have somewhat of “a breather.” You may be having breakfast, commuting to work on public transportation, sitting in traffic, waiting for food in your favorite restaurant, etc. It is during those rare, spare moments, that you will find our Good Info Gems. They will be delivered to you in places such as subway and bus posters, billboards, restaurant place mats, product packaging (e.g., cereal boxes, beverage containers, toothpaste tubes) writing and sticky pads, posters, shopping bags, undeveloped “parked” web pages, operational web sites… The possibilities are endless! In these moments of “a pause” in your day, you are introduced to a fascinating or thought provoking insight that actually makes a difference to you… You may learn of a scientific breakthrough, invention, or worthy cause and you know just who could benefit from it or a philanthropist who could further its application. After discovering one of our “gems” in your every day travels (on or off-line), our web site will provide the science, other details, and relevant information, so you can share them with your family, friends, and colleagues. You will have a portal of contact points for your further investigation, application, and collaboration of Good Info. We very much encourage and welcome your own ideas, insights, and connections to share Good Info!


Why are we taking this Unique Approach

There is so much information that needs to be communicated to the right recipients who can benefit. It’s impossible to know who needs it, where they are, and how to reach them, using their usual information sources. There may be individuals with abilities and connections to help further a project or cause currently unknown to them. We all have important roles to play in this world, and places where our unique skills and capabilities are needed—if only we knew! So GDNFO wants to place this information in every day places to increase our chances of reaching the right recipient.

How will we do it…

We will….

  • Seek, solicit, and summarize beneficial information from diverse sources.

  • Establish relationships with individuals, corporations, product manufacturers, restaurants, advertisers, Internet parked page companies, search engines, etc., who have traditional ad space and other message placement opportunities.

  • Brainstorm with the Internet domain industry to create an innovative “win-win program” for domain owners to offer available messaging space.

  • Encourage ongoing collaboration with the public and our partners to connect and communicate “Good Info.”​

Establishing connections and the ability to communicate more rapidly are precisely what have advanced our civilization and technology at such a rapid rate. This is a key to bringing about much needed positive changes at this point in history, and is the cornerstone of GDNFO’s vision.
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