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Kina Merdinian, Co-Founder and Executive Director


After a 22 year career with EDS Corporation, during that time, Fortune 500’s #1 Information Technology (IT) Services company, Kina brings her foundation of skills and knowledge from the corporate world to this 501(c) (3). Her background includes project management, new business development, business process improvements, marketing, communications, event planning, curriculum design, development and training and much more. Throughout her life, Kina Merdinian, has been known to many colleagues, family and friends as their “Connector” – a resource for guidance and brainstorming on any number of diverse subjects. Now she has been drawn to share and connect the world “with more than just a great plumber, wellness practitioner, job lead, marketing strategy, etc.” She intended to explore and discover what would be the most important knowledge to share with everyone that would enhance their lives and make all of their respective projects and aspirations more successful and fulfilling. Beginning with her longtime interest in science and its foundation in biology at the University of Virginia–she has continued over the years to deepen this inquiry currently attending science conferences regularly, and learning about the latest scientific discoveries and corroborations with ancient knowledge. Through her avid interest, she then began to discover through the teachings of many scientists and other luminaries the fascinating mountain of evidence of a remarkable collaboration between credible science, ancient wisdom and spirituality and how it proves the universal interconnectedness of all things. She was awakened to the implications of that in her life and for all. For the last two years, before co-founding GDNFO in August of 2008, she has been working with other non-profits and doing pro-bono consulting work, and continuing her study and gathering of “good information” to bring to you.

During that pivotal time, she met John Wong.

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John L. Wong, Former Co-Founder and Science Advisor


Note: John has since taken a hiatus from his support at GDNFO to focus on family and other personal endeavors..  We greatly appreciated his vision and guidance and look forward to being able to tap into his wisdom in the future.


John is an integrator of science, ancient wisdom, and spirituality, together with his own personal insights (SAWSI).

After 33 years of engineering as an owner, principal, and partner, he finally gave up his lucrative career to study the intersections of these three main disciplines in order to bridge the new and the old, the west and the east, and outer and the inner realities. The purpose is to study and to understand the human civilization and its conditions and progress and how we can promote peace and empowerment to overcome the challenges in the 21st century. Moreover, how can we recover ecological harmony in our fragile planet earth while keeping the inherent industrialization and globalization in balance? John believes that the answers lie in the intersections of science, ancient wisdom, and spirituality. Science has made quantum leaps in understanding our physical universe. Ancient wisdom and spirituality can offer insights into the unseen world and the question why, and how human civilization is at a crossroad to enter another paradigm shift to bring us into a more collaborative, peaceful unity in diversity paradigm. Unfortunately, many people are unawakened to this possibility that is within our grasp. The whole premise of John’s work is one of sacrifice, service, and to improve the human condition by making a difference in what matters. During his 5 years of retirement, he has dedicated full time in researching and collecting relevant information, interacting with many people, and probing deeply into metaphysical and existential questions to find hidden answers. He summarized many complex concepts into simple digestible bits for his 10 Virtual Study Groups (VSG) as a way to educate whoever wants to listen so that a critical mass can make this awakening event horizon a reality. His meditation and hikes in the woods give him the clarity he needs to distil massive information into cogent and coherent “gems” for those who have less time. John has written hundreds of essays, some of which has been published in local websites, newspapers, and magazines. GDNFO is a perfect vehicle to take the VSG to the next level and reaching people worldwide. The accumulated knowledge and wisdom, and the connections made over the years are a boon to its mission. Acting on our intentions can and will make a difference in this world. John graduated from the University of British Columbia in Applied Science (Engineering). He is married with 4 children and lives in West Vancouver, B. C., Canada.

Kina Merdinian and John Wong “Connect”


Kina and John first met on August 25, 2007 at a technical conference in Vancouver, B. C. after a mutual friend’s continued persistence. Then they touched base again on December 4, 2007. A meeting of the minds was already taking place as both have similar aspirations to give back to society and more. Obviously this was more than a “chance meeting.” Subsequently, in requesting his input and impressions for her vision for this project, they realized they both had the same passion for making an impact on the world by sharing life changing “good info” …and that this subject matter was the key to creating a transformation on many levels. Kina approached John in early 2008 to be her co-founder and the science advisor, of a non-profit foundation to distill and communicate educational knowledge to the world at large to raise the individual and collective consciousness. As an agent of positive change, John accepted immediately to fulfill his dream as well. After all, two heads are better than one as a start, and they will be looking to the world for assistance in collaboration of and communication of this vision… Now she and John are using their diverse and very complimentary skills — she focusing on the areas of management and marketing — he the intersections of science and ancient wisdom, to explain to the mainstream…the previously unexplainable. Both with a passion to help awaken and change the self and course of humanity, their meeting was so by chance and yet so obviously divinely orchestrated. And they are reporting that the universe has been supporting them every step of the way by bringing remarkably talented and dedicated people to the project.

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