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Submit a Gem


If you have what you think constitutes a “Good Info Gem” in the making, please submit the details to us in the following format using the form that follows.
Some of the categories include

  • Evidence of how we are all connected – using examples from science, history, ancient wisdom and YOUR real life experiences.

  • Worthy Causes: Non-profit and other little known philanthropic projects in need of communication of their mission, and necessary resources.

  • Inventions and Technologies: Inventors with devices that can bring about global solutions, who are in need of resources to manufacture, market, and bring these solutions to the public.

  • Scientific Discoveries: Unbelievable scientific discoveries that affect even the average person’s day-to-day life.

  • Miracles….

  • Other Unique Positive News and Information Categories we may not have mentioned above


Provide a brief catchy phrase or short paragraph describing the essence of the gem.For example it may begin with:
Did you know that…?
Science has proven that…

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