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ARise in your frequency

Did you know that much like the network of communication devices that pervade our surroundings, you too send and receive frequencies that have an effect on the world?

To quote the genius, Nikola Tesla

“If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration. ”

Tesla’s words hold the key to how we shape and influence the world around us through our minds and hearts. They provide the clues to the universal laws that create our reality, allow us to fulfill our destiny and how together we can realize our dreams of a better world.

Within his words is a truth that can accelerate our collective task and put more power in each of our hands. It’s a truth which unites science and spirit and shows us that our universe is absolutely magical in nature – as are we. As the ancient sages spoke of, we possess great gifts… abilities much greater than we’ve previously understood; abilities we can personally draw upon to shift the world around us, and create a more fulfilled life.

What are we referring to?

Think about a time where you experienced a coincidence or synchronicity? For example, you thought of someone out of the blue and they called… or you have a feeling or sense of knowing about the outcome of a future event and it comes to pass? These are not flukes. Rather they are a co-inciding and purposeful intersection of information that was sent and received.

How and why does this happen?

All of us are accustomed to and think nothing of the mystery of receiving life-like sounds and pictures on our TV’s – though we rarely think of the surrounding broadcast signals that delivered them to us. They are running through and around us continuously to be received by TV’s, radios, cell phones, satellites and so forth. These signals are invisible to us during transmission. Yet, when they resonate with and are decoded by the targeted receiving device, our eyes and ears are able to perceive them.

In the past quarter century, science has shown that we are part of similar and even more sophisticated, interconnected and interdependent sea of energy – a ‘unified field.’ As such, everything we do in this field affects everything else – similar to The Butterfly Effect, where the burst of air produced by the flap of its wings can shift planetary weather systems and may be all the force needed to direct a hurricane away from land. Even the smallest action – a single thought or feeling for instance, produces infinite ripples in this vast sea of energy.

As we are transmitting our vibes… our thoughts, our beliefs and our feelings, out into the world all the time, they appear invisible to us. Yet in fact they are as real as our cell phone transmissions or radio waves. And in particular, our strong will and emotion behind these “signals,” or the strength of a focused group intention can bring about their resonance and materialization on the receiving end in a more accelerated manner-wherever that may be.

A 2-month study, for example, was done in 1993 to see if a group using transcendental meditation could reduce the crime rate in Washington, DC. They did, by an astonishing 48%. Focused meditations have been linked to a reduction in violent hurricanes, as well. How can this be? Essentially, crimes… like violent storms and earthquakes… are caused by a buildup of chaotic stressors. Meditation can neutralize these stressors and produces coherent waves – which are less likely to materialize into these undesireable events.

The truth is we have no choice but to have an effect. It’s the way everything is wired. We do have a choice, though; as to the kind of effect we want to have.

Ultimately, the signals we as individuals each transmit and receive… when processed by our hearts and minds… (and the heart’s energy field has been found to be approximately 100 times stronger than our brain’s) – translate into the ‘being’ – the ongoing creation we call our lives: our health, relationships, the events and circumstances- even the so-called coincidences. Everything! Maybe that’s why we’re not just called humans… each of us is called a human ‘being.’

It is fascinating to discover the power of the heart’s transmissions. Maybe that is why it has been said for ages that love, which originates at the heart is the strongest force in the universe.-and heals all.

The signals we transmit are also picked up by the things around us… from animals and plants — to the smallest bacteria and water in our kitchen sink — to the jewelry we wear.

A novel example of how scientists are beginning to find ways to detect and translate our “signals” can be seen in a new telephone and gaming technologies that respond to the electrical impulses from our thoughts and emotions and carry out various instructions -hands free!

We’re constantly transmitting energy along a continuum of frequencies. Different frequencies elicit different responses. The frequencies of kindness and compassion, for example, draw in constructive life circumstances — versus those of anger and fear which produce less desirable situations. You may be familiar with the law of attraction which states that ‘like attracts like’ and thus we attract what we focus on as there is a resonance or matching of frequency – be it high or low. It’s the same as hitting a tuning fork and another one nearby, tuned to the same frequency, vibrates spontaneously

Scientists and researchers have been measuring the frequencies of our various emotional states for quite some time. The more you stay ‘tuned’ to the higher frequencies – such as those of love, humor, gratitude, compassion, and kindness – the more you will attract these similar frequencies through people and events, for instance, into your life. When we emanate these frequencies, we create what is known as a “coherent” spectrum in the heart’s electromagnetic field. This is an orderly state that draws in constructive life circumstances, and especially what we know of as those “little synchronicities and miracles”.

It is no wonder that the power of love and the idea of forgiveness has been spoken about from ancient times across all cultures… for we can’t hurt another without hurting ourselves because we are all connected in this unified field of energy. Additionally, it’s been proven by bio-physicists that the lower frequencies – such as those of anger, hate and fear -these have a negative effect on the health of the physical body. These negative emotions also create an incoherent spectrum in the heart’s electromagnetic field and in extreme cases can bring machinery to a halt through a phenomenon known as negative psychokinesis.

Imagine yourself as a symphony of information waves composed of a huge matrix of frequencies – frequencies which, to varying degrees, are constantly in flux depending upon the moment. This can be explained in part from researchers in Germany who have shown that every time our DNA strands contract and expand – which they do millions of times per second – they squeeze out a single photon of light – which joins trillions of others to become is part of this complex energy field which surrounds each of us. In truth, DNA is more than a blueprint for constructing the body; it is also a storage medium for optical information and a vehicle for communication. It has been spoken about for ages that our bodies are programmable by language, words and thought. Now science is finding this interaction with DNA as part of the puzzle. For this “communication” to be most effective, our frequency has to be correct. And this is why some people seem to have more success and strength-or appear somehow gifted in their ability to connect. These abilities can be enhanced when the individual works on their inner processes and development using techniques such as meditation in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA.

In 1994, even The National Institutes of Health in the United States officially acknowledged these frequencies that we emanate known as the human bio-field, (also known as an aura) They called it “an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from each person’s body.”

Russian researcher Konstantin Korotkov has studied the human biofield or aura and was able to capture an image of a burst of energy leaving a healer’s biofield and being received instantaneously by the biofield of the recipient who was physically two buildings away.

In fact, beyond what you personally transmit, everything, including the photos in your house, the music you hear, the words and images on your television, carry an energy matrix composed of many more frequencies and informational patterns-patterns that are picked up by your inner receiver… your inner voice and intuition – which lie outside of the spectrum of your five senses.

In ancient times and continuing today, there have been spiritually advanced men and women who, through years of meditation and other consciousness expanding practices were able to perform what we would typically call miracles: they could heal the sick, survive for extended periods of time without food or water, and even travel to distant places with their consciousness.

Now science has been able to verify that all of us innately carry these abilities within – and that the physical world is much more malleable than we thought.

You may have heard of the science of remote viewing, used by the world’s military and intelligence agencies. Using a grid of coordinates developed by Russell Targ, Ph.D., a person can “travel” using their conscious mind alone – to any location on earth or the universe at large – and to any given point in time – to gather information. Thus we are connected to everything it’s just a matter of learning to access that information.

Moreover, with everything made up of energy moving at various frequencies and the concept of ‘solid’ is said to be a kind of a trick to our senses— the idea of there being multiple dimensions beyond ours and an infinite number of parallel earth realities has gained traction in the scientific community. If that is the case, we could shift our own frequencies to match up with those of an already existing parallel reality in which we would prefer to live. Instead of ‘just do it’…now ‘just feel it… and be it.’

To continue with the analogy of our television set, let’s say there’s 24/7 programming on channel 7 about a certain utopian world. It features cool people, cool science, innovative solutions, great recipes, and great relationships. Wow! You feel inspired and uplifted when you tune into that channel. Channel 6 has cartoons, and channels 8 through 20 feature typical programming of impactful news, “reality” shows, and other shows depicting people whose life situations in many cases we may not want to live, but for some reason we watch “from a distance.”

Depending on the “channel” some of this news and “entertainment’ may elicit in viewers feelings of stress and helplessness which can become the pattern of energy they resonate.

Looking at the many parallels between what is being presented as entertainment in the form of movies, television fare, magazines and video games – and what’s happening in our world, is there a connection? If we had these forms of entertainment that instead immersed us in visuals and sounds that depicted a peaceful, harmonious and abundant world, could we co-create it even more quickly? Maybe we could.

When we can resonate with the frequencies of that great new world we’d like to live in, when we can ‘live’ those frequencies and they begin to emanate from us, and over time, eventually, that’s the “picture” that will show up on our screen of life! You will attract the realities of your preferred world!

How can we apply this to the challenges of today?!

Perhaps Buckminster Fuller had it right all along when he said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Einstein similarly said, you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem.

Using these new quantum understandings, each of us can build a new model… a new life and a new world — beginning with our intentions, our dreams, and our words. And when we’re sure about what we want – when we’re passionate about it, then this passion… this powerful emotional driver, will, according to Stanford University Professor Emeritus and physicist Dr. William Tiller, greatly accelerate the speed in which our dreams can manifest themselves in our physical reality. It just takes a little practice… some quiet time and some learning to go inward – to cross over into what he calls ‘reciprocal space’ where our immortal selves seem to reside. Creative visioning sessions with friends is another great way to practice these techniques and move this process forward.

The key is to broadcast or ‘put out’ what you want to get back. This has long been a universal truth found across diverse cultures and belief systems.

Finally, science is catching up with these time honored wisdoms.

Physicists have found out that we really live in a world of all possibilities. When we focus our consciousness on it – whatever it is – that possibility moves us into the realm of probabilities and actualities

What you put your attention on – literally, what you think about, the words you use, and what you focus on… from the people you spend time with to what you read, and the movies and television programs you watch, all carry a frequencies and they resonate and expand into your life and become what you call your call reality.

From a technical perspective, Dr. William Tiller showed that under repeatable, experimental conditions, our intentions alone can ‘robustly’ affect the physical.

Vaclav Havel, the artist, playwright and former president of Czechoslovakia summed it up by saying, “we must again learn how to listen to and nourish our inner voices and begin caring for our world and for each other…and this transcendent thinking must derive from our respect for the miracle of Being, the miracle of the universe, the miracle of nature, and the miracle of our own existence.” So, with science and spirit speaking the same language, let’s join together and create ” a rise” and arise in our frequencies, rediscover our potentials and fulfill our human destiny.


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