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GDNFO, pronounced “Good Info,” is a non-profit organization dedicated to, researching  and disseminating valuable, cutting edge, positive "news we can use"  that can expand our reality, change individual lives and the world!

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About Us

We deliver "gems" or nuggets of bite sized, life enhancing information, during your every day travels and idle moments when you have time to "digest" them. Then, peruse our web site for more details, resources, and their practical applications for you! 

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Our projects are our delivery venues and vehicles for communicating our gems and connecting with you!  We seek corporate, merchant and individual partnerships where we can share "Good Info" with online and offline audiences. 

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Good Info Gems

"Good Info" Gems

Did you know…Science now shows we are all interconnected "as one" in a field of energy. Even our thoughts and feelings emit an energy that shapes what materializes in this interdependent field.

That means… By broadcasting YOUR positive intentions and visions into this field of life, YOU have a direct effect on your personal circumstances--and the world!  WOW!


Find other "Good Info" Gems about the Evidence of How We are all Connected!… 

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Unique And Worthy Causes
Water school - SODIS+-+the+sun+makes+cle

A Remarkably Simple Solution to Purify Water in Africa


A system has been developed that can purify E. Coli infected water for African families using a simple clear bottle placed for two days on a corrugated metal sheet under the UV rays of the sun. We can provide this technology for $50 to each family and save millions of lives! Please visit for more information.

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GDNFO is a federally registered 

501(c )( 3 ) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.



“Communicating to and connecting the world with cutting-edge discoveries, transformational knowledge, little known inventions, and other worthy endeavors, to change individual lives and catalyze global changes”










11110 Sunset Hills Road, #3412, Reston, VA 20195

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